In The Mind of ReQ Cartier

Tory Lanez Ft. Nyce – “TrapHouse” (Music Video)

If you know me, then you know this guy Tory Lanez is my favorite artist for the last 3 years, the least. Hailing from Toronto, Canada with a sound he describes as “swavey“, the 23 year old rapper/singer is finally breaking into the mainstream world. After dropping his first single, “Say It” with a fresh deal from Mad Love/Interscope, Tory is on the path to show the world he is “one of the best, if the not the best, artists in the world” (as he’s stated many times). And I’m a firm believer that he may be onto something.

Tory Lanez has been an active underground internet sensation for some years now. He was signed to Sean Kingston‘s Time Is Money imprint, gained an international cult following & had his lyrics stolen by Justin Bieber. Lanez’ only dilemma (to the people) is that he is ‘another drake‘. But I personally feel, the people will learn what Tory Lanez has to offer as he broadens his catalog.

TrapHouse” is a filler to keep fans content after releasing such a banger like “Say It” for a intro single. The record continues to groom the grimey r&b/hip-hop sound Tory has been molding for the last couple years. It’s shot by Zac Facts & features One Umbrella compadre, Nyce.


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