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Tory Lanez Ft. Nyce – “TrapHouse” (Music Video)

If you know me, then you know this guy Tory Lanez is my favorite artist for the last 3 years, the least. Hailing from Toronto, Canada with a sound he describes as “swavey“, the 23 year old rapper/singer is finally breaking into the mainstream world. After dropping his first single, “Say It” with a fresh deal from Mad Love/Interscope, Tory is on the path to show the world he is “one of the best, if the not the best, artists in the world” (as he’s stated many times). And I’m a firm believer that he may be onto something.

Tory Lanez has been an active underground internet sensation for some years now. He was signed to Sean Kingston‘s Time Is Money imprint, gained an international cult following & had his lyrics stolen by Justin Bieber. Lanez’ only dilemma (to the people) is that he is ‘another drake‘. But I personally feel, the people will learn what Tory Lanez has to offer as he broadens his catalog.

TrapHouse” is a filler to keep fans content after releasing such a banger like “Say It” for a intro single. The record continues to groom the grimey r&b/hip-hop sound Tory has been molding for the last couple years. It’s shot by Zac Facts & features One Umbrella compadre, Nyce.


Young Thug – “Stoner (Produced By DunDeal)” (Music Video)

Everybody knows Thugga Thugga better known as Young Thug. The Atlanta rising star is one of the most the most talked about artists this year. With his feminine antics and crazy fashion sense, Young Thug is becoming a weird yet interesting favorite to many, including myself. According to Waka Flocka Flame, “Dont sleep on Young Thug. If that man wanna wear dresses that’s him, but he official in the streets.” Young Thug released his new video for “Stoner” produced by rising producer, Dun Deal. If you hit the Nae Nae before, you’ve heard this song. #TheSuiteLife

Wiz Khalifa – MAAN (Man Of The Year Weedmix)

I’ve never actually listened to any of Wiz’s weedmixes. Actually I haven’t thoroughly listened to any of his new music. But for some reason I decided to check this out since I’m really into videos. The video & it’s quality is pretty cool. Couple cameos from the taylor gang members: Ty$, Berner, Chevy Woods. As for the actual song, eh… Wiz does his usual sing-song chorus which is cool but nothing amazing. Whoever mixed this record, used A LOT of reverb. Wiz didn’t really say much in the verses either. As a weed smoker, I appreciate it the references tho. #TheSuiteLife

Rick Ross – “Thug Cry” ft. Lil Wayne (Music Video)

Maybach Music Group’s CEO continues to show that he is one of the hardest working artists of our time. Rick Ross grabs his go-to videographer, Dre Films, to put a visual to the lyrics of his “Thug Cry” record with help from YMCMB’s Lil Wayne. Ross has a vision that he wants the world to see. He has an ear for great beats and a good eye for videos. This music video for the cut off his latest LP “Mastermind” shows. #TheSuiteLife

Wordsmiff – “Lighters Up” ft. Awkword N’Words (Music Video)

After recently dropping the second installment in his “Bars Over Everything” series, Wordsmiff releases his new music video “Lighters Up.” The Brooklyn native grabs one half of the Awkword N’Words duo to create a mellow stoners anthem. Directed by Everythings Royal, “Lighters Up” is sure to become a stoner favorite as one hears the sing-song chorus: “roll summin’ to this, now roll summin to this…” #TheSuiteLife

*Sidenote, if you look hard enough, you can spot me !

Chief Keef – “How It Go” (Music Video)

Southside Chicago is home to what we, the hip-hop listeners, know as drill music. 18 year old, Chief Keef introduced us to the new rap genre and a slew of rappers who encourage it. Two years after his emergence into the industry, Chief Keef and his counterparts have all maintained loyal cult fanbases along with relevance through good press and bad press. Keef drops a new music video entitled “How It Go,” where he doesn’t use his go-to videographers, DGainz or Azae. In my opinion the song isn’t trash, but it isn’t worth playing more than once. I’ve never been a fan of “Autotune Sosa” I personally think he needs to stick with the “Back From The Dead” or “Finally Rich” sound. But that’s just my thoughts. Still a fan, nonetheless. #TheSuiteLife

R Kelly (@RKelly) – Cookie (Official Video)


R Kelly is one of the most talented men in the entertainment world. Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Master of Relevance. The self-proclaimed “Pied Piper of R&B” returns with a new visual entitled “Cookie” off his new LP “Black Panties.” Just when you think he’s gone for good, Kellz pops up again reminding the world he can adapt with the ever-changing industry despite his age (just as fellow friend, Jay Z). “Cookie” is pretty good in my opinion. The video is rather interesting. Not going into detail with the lyrics, but I think thats a good thing being Kelly doesn’t need any extra press. Besides, he’ll sell regardless. He’s R. Kelly. #TheSuiteLife

P-Lo (@HBKPLo) – Going To Work (Official Video)


HeartBreak Gang member. The Invasion Producer. The Bay’s own Filipino sensation P-Lo drops a new video entitled “Go To Work” which is the single being pushed from his new mixtape, “More Bitches, More Gold Chains 2.” The single is produced by HBK’s own IAMSU and directed by David Camarena. Cameos from Diamond Lane Music Group’s Problem & Bad Lucc. California is really on the come up.



Migos (@MigosATL) – Hannah Montana (Official Video)

The Migos are making a name for themselves in the music world. After a feature from Toronto’s own Drake on their hit single “Versace,” the Migos are climbing the charts with a new single named after former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus’ alter ego, Hannah Montana. I’m gonna be honest and say I wasn’t a fan of the trio when they first hit the scene with their single “Bando” but as usual, some things take time. And if you’re like me, every now and then you have to remember hip-hop isn’t based on lyrics 24/7. The genre needs some ratchetness to level it out. Back on topic, the Atlanta based group releases the official video of “Hannah Montana” with a new verse from their third member who was just released from jail. I personally don’t like this version. The verses are different. The beat is different. Luckily the original is still around. The Migos are preparing to release their second mixtape, YRN2 soon.

[Music Video] “For The Love Of The Game” (Trailer) – Jrzz (@GameLifeGod)


Lowkey internet sensation Jrzz is back with a new visual. Jrzz recently took a hiatus from the public after pulling a stint down in Texas. But soon as he was released, he got back to work picking up where his music career was left. Jrzz has been working on part 3 to his “Gamelife” mixtape series. Recently he released the trailer for his first music video since “Hoe$” which was seen & promoted by many, including popular entertainer Soulja Boy. Jrzz continues to brand his “GameLife” brand as the video is set to take on the likings of popular Rockstar video game, Grand Theft Auto. The video is also set to take place in New York City, which will make things interesting. The official “For The Love Of The Game” music video has no release date but I’m anticipating it along with many other supporters of the uptown native.