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Tyga – “Chiraq To LA (Lil Durk & 40 Glocc Diss)” ft. The Game

My goodness ! I wasn’t expecting this. I was well aware of a response from Tyga for Lil Durk’s shots. But as a shock, the LA rapper grabs California’s own king of beef (PAUSE) The Game. Tyga gets to the point and says his piece. But Game BLACKS ! The Compton firestarter addresses his feelings towards 40 Glocc’s recent Instagram hoax. So much aggression. Then Game goes off on Durk. Definitely one of the hardest verses I’ve heard from him in a while. This is the best rendition of “Chiraq” I’ve heard this far. #TheSuiteLife


Meek Mill, Lil Durk & Shy Glizzy – “Chiraq”

The Chicago rap scene is in full effect throughout the industry. No matter where you go, people are rapping the lyrics from artists such as Chief Keef, Lil Reese & the young newcomer Lil Herb. Recently, Chicago native, Lil Herb dropped a new track with YMCMB starlet, Nicki Minaj. With Nicki’s name attached to the record, it serves as a co-sign to other artists. So it was no surprise when I caught wind of artists like Meek Mill & Lil Durk jumping on the heavy bass instrumental. However, I didn’t expect them to be on the same freestyle. The Philly MMG member grabs Chiraq’s own Lil Durk & DC’s newest talent, Shy Glizzy and drops some “hood” bars. Nothing really special from any of the 3. Durk takes a couple bars out of his verse to diss Tyga, who is also a member of YMCMB along with Nicki Minaj. I wasn’t even aware of their “beef.” Dont see much coming out of that in the future. Enjoy. #TheSuiteLife

DJ Mustard (@DJMustard) Releases Cover Art For “Ketchup” Mixtape


DJ Mustard became one of the hottest producers in the industry after blessing acts such as Tyga & 2 Chainz with beats for their chart-topping singles over the past 12 months. It’s been a great year for the DJ turned producer from Los Angeles, California. Mustard, who is known to be YG’s partner-in-crime, has been letting the world know of his compilation mixtape that he’s been putting together for the past 6-8 months. Originally, it was supposed to be titled “Mustard On The Beat Hoe” (his signature tag). But, it’s pretty obvious now, that the Pu$haz Ink/RocNation producer in a different mindframe and tax bracket than he was 8 months ago. (Hence the title change to “Ketchup”) The mixtape is set to release on June 3rd via Datpiff & HotNewHipHop. Features have been kept on the hush, but obvious features include: YG, Joe Moses, Tyga & Many More. Mustard proves you can teach yourself to be more than expected. Self-taught everything. This is a project that I’m highly anxious for. I definitely told Mustard I’m waiting for this when I met him at YG’s show in Brooklyn, NY. Pu$haz Ink..

“I Do It For The Ratchets” (Mega Remix) – Joe Moses (@JoeMosesBSM) ft. Tyga (@Tyga), ReQ Cartier (@ReQCartier) & Young Sam (@SamMight69Her)

California hip-hop is on the rise. The artists found out the secret of working together in the music industry and have been striking gold ever since. Brick Squad Monopoly artist, Joe Moses is taking over the underground Cali scene with his hit “I Do It For The Ratchets.” It’s no surprise to hear DJ Mustard on the beat, being he’s the hottest producer coming out the west coast at the moment. This is a mega remix, featuring verses from Young Money’s Tyga, Supreme Unlimited/YPB’s ReQ Cartier & Crazy 4 Ink/SODMG’s own Young Sam.

I Do It For The Ratchets (Mega Remix) – Joe Moses ft Tyga, ReQ Cartier & Young Sam
I Do It For The Ratchets (Remix) – Joe Moses ft. ReQ Cartier

Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) Gets Accused of Robbery via Drive-By

The music industry’s favorite topic remains relevant. According to TMZ, Chris may have violated his probation regulations and could be facing time.  But, honestly, I doubt it happens. So check this story out, Chris Brown and Tyga were down in Miami at Club Cameo. A young girl, known as Christal Spann, decides to try and snap a picture of her favorite celeb with her iphone, as he got into his Bentley. Spann, 24, told Miami PD that Chris exploded with anger when he saw the phone. Then he snatched the phone from her while saying “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on the internet.” The police report says, the singer then drove off, rolling the window up on his car, iphone in hand. No arrests have been made, but the police are definitely looking into the situation. Honestly, by now that phone is long gone, probably in Cuba. I believe this story though, but I think there is more to it. Chris Brown does have a bad attitude and is known to snap, however, there seems like a detail is missing. Chris can’t be that stupid though. If this story is true, he can go to jail for violating his probation. But then again, this is the same dude who threw a chair out of a window in Times Square (AND GOT AWAY WITH IT). CBE…

Tyga’s (@Tyga) “Careless World” Album Removed From Stores

Well Birdman has screwed up again. Tyga’s album “Careless World” was set to release on Tuesday, February 21st. Unfortunately, the intro track “Careless World” features an excerpt from one of Martin Luther King’s speeches & YMCMB did not pay to get it cleared. First, the album gets leaked 4 days before release & now this! It’s not Tyga’s fault but I know he is feeling some type of way right about now. All “Careless World” albums at retail stores such as Best Buy & Target (even iTunes) have been sent back to the original factory. The label is now working on a new product to send out before Tuesday. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the YMCMB camp try to get over without paying. As you know, Birdman bought a Maybach a couple months back & the owner never received payment. Then there is the famous story with producer Bangledash, who was never paid for the hit single “A Millie.” YMCMB needs to get their staff together. All that money that they’re scared to spend, like they won’t make it back. Sorry for the loss Tyga. LAST KINGS….


Careless World – Tyga

[Review] Careless World – Tyga (@Tyga)

Yesterday I posted the link to the long awaited album from Tyga of Young Money. This was an album I really looked forward to. I had plans on actually going to buy a hard copy of this album to support him. “Rack City” “Lap Dance” & “Faded” are just some of the hits the LA rapper has circulating around the industry. With the success of those records, you would think Tyga found his niche “party music.” But Tyga takes a different approach with this album. The album starts out with a smooth intro track titled “Careless World.” This song basically sets the tone of the album as the smooth melody blend in with Tyga’s laid back flow. But the song tricked me into thinking the album would take a turn, as the end of the track turned into an upbeat banger.  This led me to think the album would start out slow & end fast, somewhat formatted like TDE underdog, Schoolboy Q with his Habits & Contradictions album. BUT I WAS WRONG. As the album goes on, I learned that Tyga is trying to show another side of him being an artist. Majority of the songs are slow and drawn out. Personally, I think Tyga took a page out of Drake book. There’s 3 or 4 songs on the album which are upbeat & would pass as hip-hop. But those are the songs we were already introduce to months ago. As a Tyga fan, I’m very disappointed with this album. I talked it up so much to so many people, thinking it would show that he could keep up with his counterparts in hip-hop today. I guess I was wrong. The album was well put together though. A bunch of great production, although most of the songs have the same drawn out process. The features were excellent. Pharrell does what he does as usual. Big Sean spits a pretty dope verse. Wale does nothing special. Nas proves that he is one of the best lyricists, although it wasn’t necessary being Tyga isn’t a rapper looking to gain lyrical status. J Cole spits an average verse. Wayne does wayne (no comment). Chris Brown is featured on a rather annoying and weak pop track. Then Nicki makes an appearance that shohuldn’t have been welcomed. Tyga basically uses this album to prove he can be diverse. But I think this was a bad outlet to express that. He’s let out 5 or 6 mixtapes within the past 2 years & could’ve used 1 of them to do that. He built the buzz for this album to seem like it was gonna follow up to the party hits he has out now. The album isn’t wack, horrible or none of that. It just doesn’t fit the Tyga image that has been displayed the past 2 years. Nevertheless, I am still a fan of Tygaman. I understand what he was trying to do, but this wasn’t the best way to go about it. Overall, I rate this album 3 out of 5 stars. LAST KINGS….


Careless World – Tyga

[Album Leak] Careless World – Tyga (@Tyga)

The long awaited 21-track album from YMCMB’s own Tyga has finally dropped. The Last Kings CEO has been keeping tabs on this project quiet for the past 2 years. Looking back at the marketing strategy he’s taken the past 2 years, Tyga knew how to draw people into his brand. Dropping countless mixtapes, making plenty of party singles & releasing numerous videos on the internet were just bits and pieces of the plan. I plan on dropping a full review for this album within the next 24 hours. As a Tyga fan, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and looking at the features on the tracklist, along with the singles being promoted, Im sure to be pleased.


1. Careless World

2. Lil Homie ft. Pharrell

3. Muthafucka Up ft. Nicki Minaj

4. Echoes Interlude

5. Do It All

6. I’m Gone ft. Big Sean

7. For The Fame

8. Birdman Interlude

9. Potty Mouth

10. Faded ft. Lil Wayne

11. Rack City

12. Black Crowns

13. Celebration ft. T-Pain

14. Far Away ft. Chris Richardson

15. Mystic Interlude

16. This Is Like ft. Robin Thicke

17. Kings & Queens ft. Wale & Nas

18. Let It Show ft. J. Cole

19. Love Game

20. Lay You Down

21. Light Dreams

Careless World – Tyga

Last Kings/Young Money Ent./Cash Money Records

Tyga (@Tyga) Shows Off Gold Audi R8 & Talks On Recent Success.

Its pretty safe to say Tyga is one of the hottest rappers out at the moment. If you disagree, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the hip-hop world lately. This 23 year old YMCMB member is everywhere, literally: Strip Clubs, Radio, TV, Internet, Etc. I’ve became a Tyga fan about 3 years ago. After hating him for the first 2 years of his career. I thought he was so garbage because of that “Coconut Juice” song. But I watched him grow as an artist and he really “blossomed.” Anywho, the LA native meets up with Rap-Up TV briefly to show off his newest asset, the first ever gold Audi R8. The interview is pretty short & smooth. Tyga talks about his recent success with his mixtapes & strip club anthems. A random call from Big Sean interrupts the interview but is a funny addition. The lovely Blacc Chyna accompanies Tyga in the passenger seat, silent through the whole video. Tyga, Tygaman has been working hard and this definitely shows how his hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work man. LAST KINGS…