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Dave East – “Tell Your Friends” (EastMix)

New York hip-hop is strong although many people don’t know. East Harlem’s own Dave East is one of the front runners of the new hip-hop wave in New York City. Recently being signed to rap legend, Nas, Dave East has been making a lot of noise on the scene and in the streets. Here he drops his own rendition of The Weeknd’s popular “Tell Your Friends”. This ‘eastmix’ has the Harlem rep spitting some aggressive bars with that storyteller approach to gain your attention. Listen up.


“The Gifted” – French Montana (@FrenchMontana) Ft. The Weeknd (@TheWeeknd)

The Bronx superstar French Montana is set to release his debut album, “Excuse My French” within the next 6 days. It’s no coincidence that he’s everywhere in the public eye at the moment. I’ve been waiting for this single to leak for a couple weeks now after I saw Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd post a behind-the-scenes picture on his facebook. Since 2010, I’ve been a loyal The Weeknd fan. I listen to EVERYTHING he releases being I see him as an excellent songwriter & singer. French has been one of my hometown favorites for some years now, definitely when he linked with Harlem rapper Max B in 2008. #FreeMaxB. So when I got a glimpse of a collab between these two, I was anxious to find a way to come across it. “The Gifted” is your average Weeknd-sounding track; Very gloomy and drawn out, yet he captures your attention with his light voice & signature cry-like notes. French speaks on being happy to be in the position he is in. Overall the song is supposed to be a song celebrating both artists position, despite what it sounds like once the beat drops. I think they could’ve came up with a better song or left this for Abel’s “Kissland” album. It fits as more of a Weeknd track & not a French track. A great substance song, but not fit for “Excuse My French.”