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DJ Mustard (@DJmustard) – “Down On Me” ft. Ty$ (@tydollasign) & 2 Chainz (@2Chainz)


Its not news that DJ Mustard is the hottest producer on the radio right now. With 8 hits on the billboard charts and a successful rack of beats on his best friend, YG’s debut album, the California native isn’t looking to let up. Roc Nation’s DJ Mustard is currently working on his debut album, 10 Summers. Here is the first cut, Pushaz Ink/Taylor Gang’s Ty$ & 2 Chainz team up on a new Mustard beat. A LITTLE different than what we’re used to. But still containing that signature sound. #TheSuiteLife


YG Breaks Down “Really Be (Smokin Drankin)”


The Bompton star sits with the good folks over at Life + Times to break down one of the standouts records from his debut album, “My Krazy Life.” This is pretty dope to hear the first person narrative. The Kendrick cameo would’ve been cool too cause he went off on this record. #TheSuiteLife


YG Describes An Average Day In Bompton

Current West Coast frontman YG is living the life right now. Headlining his own tour throughout the United States. A classic debut album in stores. And a best friend who happens to be the hottest producer out right now. My homie from the DMV Baker takes the time to interview the LA native while he makes a pit stop at The Fillmore in the DMV. YG lets the viewers know what a day in Bompton is like, at least for him !