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Michael Sam, NFL’s First Openly Gay Player, Takes Over ESPN Not By Choice

If you keep up with football, I’m 100% sure you’re aware of what’s going on in the NFL. It’s draft time. Time for the college athletes to make that transition to the pros after leading their colleges to success in some fashion. This year’s draft was very interesting and historical being the FIRST openly gay athlete was drafted into the NFL. Meet Michael Sam, a 24 year old Defensive End from Galveston, Texas who played for University of Missouri aka Mizzou. Sam took it upon himself to let the world know about his sexual orientation BEFORE the NFL Draft. Now to most people this may have been a bad idea. In my opinion, I think it was bad. I believe Michael should have waited till after he was drafted, therefore his preference wouldn’t mess up his rank. But he clearly saw it different and now I understand why. Michael Sam wanted to go to a team where he would be accepted. A team where he would be judged by his skills on the field and not the person he’s dating. I totally understand this. However, we live in a judgmental society. So once, Sam issued the statement about his sexual orientation, his list of teams to where he was seen as a prospect, lowered drastically. The Mizzou DE was drafted as pick 249 in round 7 of the 2014 NFL Draft, almost not getting drafted.

Interesting backstory isn’t it..? I woke up this morning to a segment on ESPN. I didn’t catch the name, but they were talking about this young man, Michael Sam. For the hour, that I laid in my bed watching, all the analysts talked about was Sam’s “reaction” upon finding out he was being drafted. If you check the clip above, it shows Sam breaking down crying. He then kisses and hugs his boyfriend. Honestly, there is nothing wrong here. This man has made history becoming the FIRST OPENLY gay athlete to get DRAFTED. Just when he thought he wasn’t going to make it to the pros and do what he loves, everything changed at the last minute.

The analysts on the segment continued to run the clip OVER and OVER and OVER again as they talked about the Missouri DE. Despite this man’s sexual preference, which really is none of the public’s business, he has achievements under his belt and worked hard to get to where he is. Instead of focusing on what Michael Sam did to receive the honor of getting drafted and why he broke down, ESPN focused on what happens after he got himself together. Do we really live in a homophobic world? The world is different from what it was 100 years ago. By now, I honestly would expect people to be used to it. No reason to be surprised of same sex relationships whether in the limelight or not.

The segment I was watching went off and SportsCenter came on shortly after. The first thing to pop up on my TV is Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend. Not Michael Sam tackling quarterbacks, but him kissing his boyfriend. Why is this the main focus…? Even when Stephen A Smith said his piece about not judging Michael Sam, he seemed uncomfortable talking about it. It’s a new world compared to the one we lived in 10 years ago. By now, nobody should be scared of the “Gays.”

This ties in with the music industry perfectly. If you keep up with hip-hop, there is an artist known as Young Thug. Young Thug has been caught in many odd outfits including: a little girl cheetah dress, a leather skirt and a leather belly shirt. VERY different. Along with that, he calls his friends “BAE.” However, Young Thug has 2 of the HOTTEST songs in the streets, “Danny Glover” and “Stoner.” The way I see it, he can be as gay as he want, long as he keeps producing hot music. Its the same with Michael Sam, that man can be as gay as he wants, long as he keeps playing football like any other dedicated player. America has to learn to not be so judgmental. Which will never happen. #TheSuiteLife