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Chris Brown & Pusha T’s First Week Sales Projections

With the decline in album sales, it’s amazing how many still pay attention to album sales. Nowadays, if an artist reaches 100k that’s look at as good. Compared to in the 90’s when albums were flying off the shelf at 500k the first week. Times have really changed. This time around, its time for Virginia’s popular living legends to release new bodies of work to the world.


Chris Brown has released his 7th studio album, Royalty, which is named after his beautiful daughter. The album in my opinion is definitely worth the $10 (imo) as it shows Chris’ diversity with his musical ability. Meanwhile former Clipse member & Re-Up Gang frontman, Pusha T pops back up to drop off the prequel to his King Push album which is stated to drop in April (via Pusha on The Breakfast Club). Pusha T’s Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude is now available & is definitely what hip-hop needed. Being it’s executive produced by P Diddy, how could you not expect greatness?


Royalty: 125k-135k

Darkest Before Dawn: 38k-43k


Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) & Drake (@Drake) Have An…..Altercation?

Well here we are, less than a week later & I’m writing another story about Chris Brown. Chris Brown and Kanye are the kings of controversy. Well let’s get straight to the point. THIS IS ALL RUMOR, NOBODY KNOWS THE REAL STORY. Chris Brown was in the club last night and guess who else was in the club last night, Drizzy Drake. Drake approached Chris with his security. However, Chris Brown keeps tight security with him at all times. So Chris’ security blocked Drake from approaching, and being he couldn’t reach Chris, he threw the bottle in his hand at Chris. Now when a bottle hits ya face, you usually receive a scar or slash. Instead Chris Brown instagram’d a picture of a chunk of his chin missing. Doesn’t add up to a bottle hitting your face. The industry is full of so many stunts. Its all politics. So many think this is focused around Rihanna. All of these artists date/f–k some of the baddest women in the world. Majority of the vixens in the music industry have been f–ked by the same artists. The media is hyping this and the fans are feeding right into it. The labels plotted this perfectly: make it focus around Rihanna, love triangle.

Anywho, shoutout to Meek for the tweegram. You see them likes?! The music industry is all messed up. As an artist, I pray it gets better. As a fan of hip-hop, I hope all the gimmicks/stunts stop. It’s not even entertaining. Only the females and “mainstream” listeners find all these lil stunts intriguing. Can we just go back to 1995-2004. Things were all good. Some day hopefully. Pray for the Urban Music Industry. CBE/OVOXO…

Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) vs Brian McKnight (@ItsBMcKnight)…?

Chris Brown is always in some kind of drama, whether he wants to be or not. The once R&B, now Pop star is human bullseye for controversy. Today Chris added a new contender to his catalog of music beefs, the legend Brian McKnight. Me being a fan of both artists, I thought this was rather interesting. Brian happened to RT a tweet where Chris Brown was being “put in his place” again by a random tweeter. Of course, Chris was hipped to it and took to twitter to let out his rage. Chris lets too much get to him in the public eye. This should have been something he got mad about and didn’t let the world know. But then again, the industry is all about relevance and stunts. I posted a pic with a bunch of tweets chris said. They’ll probably be deleted in a couple hours. But I got em ! Also I reviewed this crap. Check the video. Chris its not that serious. Brian you my n—a !

[Rumors] Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) & Meek Mill (@MeekMill) Beefing..?


Well word around town is Meek and Rihanna have been partying together ALOT. Of course hot-headed ex, Chris Brown isn’t too fancy of that. Word around town is that Chris had His single with meek pulled off his new album because of their recent “beef.” Honestly, I don’t blame Chris, that’s love. But then again it seems petty. Meek is the hottest trap rapper out under 2Chainz. Rihanna knows what she doing. This is just to get him mad and see if those feelings are still there. Love mixed with the entertainment business is crazy… MMG.CBE

“Gettin Money” (Produced By KE on The Track) – Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown)

This dude Chris Brown has been taking over my blog lately, along with Nicki. But they’re both helping me us get some exposure. Haha. So thanks to my industry friends, I ran into this here Chris Brown record produced by Atlanta producer, KE On The Track. It’s nothing amazing. Just another failed attempt of Chris trying to rap. Simple as that. CBE…

Gettin Money – Chris Brown

Rihanna (@Rihanna) Is Hesitant About Going Back To Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) Cause Of The MEDIA?!

Thousands of girls and guys around the world are praying these two don’t “publicly” get back together. It can’t be anymore obvious that feelings are still in the air. Rihanna and Chris have let out 2 new remixes together, both of great quality thanks to songwriter, The Dream. They have been the talk of the industry for the past 2 weeks. But this is something I’ve been trying to tell people for 3 years. Nobody listens to me. This is why I call myself the ultimate connoisseur. Some things you can just tell, if you pay attention. These two are definitely gonna go public soon, its only a matter of time. Nobody opinion is needed. Love is love. If you haven’t been in love, you wouldn’t understand. The crazy thing is, with all the speculation going on, Chris’ girlfriend Karrueche is still in denial, thinking nothing is going on. Chris needs to watch himself and if he’s using em, check the condoms for holes. Haha. Anywho, our good friends over at TMZ have stated the obvious in a video, they just dropped. Rihanna loves Chris but is reluctant to go back because of the Media and her Management. Remember she is managed by Hov basically, and Hov isn’t feeling Chris too much. But honestly, I think she should just go for it. I give this secret thing about 5 more business days…

Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) Gets Accused of Robbery via Drive-By

The music industry’s favorite topic remains relevant. According to TMZ, Chris may have violated his probation regulations and could be facing time.  But, honestly, I doubt it happens. So check this story out, Chris Brown and Tyga were down in Miami at Club Cameo. A young girl, known as Christal Spann, decides to try and snap a picture of her favorite celeb with her iphone, as he got into his Bentley. Spann, 24, told Miami PD that Chris exploded with anger when he saw the phone. Then he snatched the phone from her while saying “Bitch, you’re not gonna put that on the internet.” The police report says, the singer then drove off, rolling the window up on his car, iphone in hand. No arrests have been made, but the police are definitely looking into the situation. Honestly, by now that phone is long gone, probably in Cuba. I believe this story though, but I think there is more to it. Chris Brown does have a bad attitude and is known to snap, however, there seems like a detail is missing. Chris can’t be that stupid though. If this story is true, he can go to jail for violating his probation. But then again, this is the same dude who threw a chair out of a window in Times Square (AND GOT AWAY WITH IT). CBE…

WWE Superstar CM Punk (@CMPunk) Picks A Beef With Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown)

See some people need to mind their business. For the past 2 days, I been sitting back watching all of this play out, but I find it rather corny. So here is Chris Brown, international superstar. Then you have CM Punk, popular wrestling sensation. Now 2 days ago, CM Punk threw a shot at Chris basically saying he shouldn’t be adored & getting the love he is getting because of the incident 3 years ago. First off, I just want to say, other than the black community & people who follow music, nobody thought about Chris Brown in a negative way since the incident with Rihanna. He paid his dues and won over everybody’s love and attention again. All this time, while he was building his name back up, nobody was talking crap. Now all of a sudden, cause Chris gets a grammy, performs twice at the grammys and is at the top of the music world again, he’s getting bothered. Leave him alone! CM Punk is a wrestler, basically an actor. If you have ever watched wrestling after 2009, you will know CM is a man of stunts. He does things for attention. So this was no surprise. But who is he to down talk somebody that he knows nothing about. Its been 3 years and everybody, including Rihanna, is over the situation. Sh-t happens. CM needs to mind his business and stick to acting for Vince McMahon. Below is the twitvid CM Punk released, basically a fake press release on his statements toward Chris. Its all acting to me, dude is talking like its a WWE skit. haha.

CM Punk Addresses Chris Brown

“Birthday Cake” (Remix) – Rihanna (@Rihanna) ft. Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) *RE-UPLOAD*


Birthday Cake (Remix) – Rihanna ft. Chris Brown [Alternate Link]

“Turn Up The Music” (Remix) – Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown) ft. Rihanna (@Rihanna)

2 releases in one night. Pretty good night for the music world. Everybody’s favorite young duo “put aside their differences” to make great music again. Earlier I posted the “Birthday Cake” remix which did numbers. Here is “Turn Up The Music” remix. Its only available in video right now, but I’ll have the audio up later. Enjoy