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DJ Mustard (@DJmustard) – “Down On Me” ft. Ty$ (@tydollasign) & 2 Chainz (@2Chainz)


Its not news that DJ Mustard is the hottest producer on the radio right now. With 8 hits on the billboard charts and a successful rack of beats on his best friend, YG’s debut album, the California native isn’t looking to let up. Roc Nation’s DJ Mustard is currently working on his debut album, 10 Summers. Here is the first cut, Pushaz Ink/Taylor Gang’s Ty$ & 2 Chainz team up on a new Mustard beat. A LITTLE different than what we’re used to. But still containing that signature sound. #TheSuiteLife


Chief Keef – “No”

As a Chief Keef fan, I’m very upset at this. Not even gonna write a lot, gonna keep it nice and simple. R&B Sosa is a NOOOOO ! The song was so bad that I couldn’t even post it on here. Google that shit.


Problem – “Realest Niggas In Here (Produced By P-Lo)”

The Compton producer turned rapper teams up with The Bay’s Heartbreak Gang member, P-Lo to deliver a new record for all the “real niggas” out here. Definitely isn’t one of his best but the replay value is fair. Check out “Realest Niggas In Here”

Problem – “On The Way (Produced By P-Lo)”

California is definitely on the come up. Compton rapper Problem is one of the rappers bringing the ratchet LA sound to the forefront. Along with help from production team, League Of Starz & HBK Gang’s P-Lo, the Diamond Lane Music Group artist is helping craft the new West sound artists such as YG and Nipsey Hussle have been promoting. Problem grabs one of his in-house producers, P-Lo to release a new record entitled “On The Way.” An audio statement to the public letting everyone know Problem is coming to takeover the game and I definitely believe it. #TheSuiteLife

Lil Wayne – “Believe Me” ft. Drake (CDQ)


Lil Wayne has made it clear that he plans to retire after “The Carter V” is released. Do I believe it..? No. Jay Z tried the same thing at the peak of his career and it’s the same thing for Mr. Dwayne Carter. Wayne is the CEO of a label and has a ridiculous track record and even more ridiculous work ethic. Today, we get a new record from the YMCMB head honcho featuring his Canadian protege, Drake. “I’m just as famous as my mentor, but that’s still the boss, so don’t get sent for…” Drake always jumps on records and makes it his own. Drake does his usual outshining on this track, but I wasn’t expecting nothing too phenomenal from Wayne anyway. Overall, a dope track with plenty of replay value. Definitely a little different from what the YMCMB camp usually drops.

TeeFlii (@TeeFlii) – Thats How We Livin Feat. Snoop Dogg & Warren G


TeeFlii is one of the leaders of the new school music scene of California . The South Central R&B singer, who claims to “not be ya’ ordinary r&b singer” gets two legends, Snoop Dogg and Warren G to accompany him over the smooth instrumental produced by the “Regulators” emcee. TeeFlii was recently signed to LA Reid’s Epic Records, released 3 mixtapes in 2013 with number 4 on the way  & is an opener for Problem’s Seperation Tour. Definitely working hard and deserving everything being given to him at the moment. The 26 year old singer is one I picked up on from a couple features and been following ever since. A great artist. Annie R U Otay. #TheSuiteLife


“Click Clack” – YG (@YG) Feat. A$AP Ferg (@ASAPFerg)


Pu$haz Ink is constantly working. DJ Mustard released his 1st single off his “Ketchup” mixtape featuring YG around 3am EST. Hours later, YG decides to drop a new single for the streets also. The track is titled, “Click Clack” and features rising Harlem star, A$AP Ferg. YG & Ferg both gave fans a head up of this collaboration a couple weeks ago, after taking to instagram during their videoshoot. So expect a video to this single soon. I’ll try to make this as un-bias as I can, being a YG fan. Overall the single is pretty good. The beat is simple, very simple. However, YG takes a different approach than his usual ratchet sound, harmonizing his vocals, similar to the popular A$AP sound. A$AP Ferg doesn’t do anything off the wall and maintains a calm & collective feature verse. Although it wont be on there, this is a promo tool for YG’s Pu$haz Ink compadre’ DJ Mustard’s June 3rd mixtape along with his “Welcome To Bompton” debut album. Pu$haz Ink.

“Burn Rubber” – DJ Mustard (@DJMustard) Ft. Joe Moses (@JoeMosesBSM) & YG (@YG)

Finally LA DJ turned Super Producer, DJ Mustard drops the first single from his highly anticipated mixtape “Ketchup.” The single entitled, “Burn Rubber” features Pu$haz Ink counterpart YG & Pinnacle/BrickSquad Affiliate, Joe Moses. Of course, the single is one for the party scene with heavy 808s and a smooth tangy synth in the background. DJ Mustard, known for producing Tyga’s “Rack City” & 2 Chainz “Im Different,” has been heavily working on his debut mixtape planned to drop on June 3rd. I’ve been a fan of all the Pu$haz Ink members for some time now. Mustard is definitely one of the hottest producers in the game right now. You have no choice but to respect his grind. June 3rd. Ketchup.

“Burn Rubber” – DJ Mustard Feat. Joe Moses & YG

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“Respect Ya Passion” – Nipsey Hussle (@NipseyHussle)


Finally. I’m a BIG fan of the west coast, the lifestyle & the music. Nipsey became one of my favorites about a year ago. If you follow me on twitter, I always attack him and ask when will he be dropping new music. Welp, I guess he got tired of me and @OfficiallyIce  constantly tweeting him. Nipsey keeps it simple on this beat produced by BiNKDOG. Laid back samples with a heavy kick pounding over the 70’s vocals. Neighborhood Nip talks about showing love to everyone no matter what they do. Simply saying, “even if what you’re doing is wrong, I respect it if it’s putting you in a better place.” Cant wait for the next project. SLAUSON.

“The Gifted” – French Montana (@FrenchMontana) Ft. The Weeknd (@TheWeeknd)

The Bronx superstar French Montana is set to release his debut album, “Excuse My French” within the next 6 days. It’s no coincidence that he’s everywhere in the public eye at the moment. I’ve been waiting for this single to leak for a couple weeks now after I saw Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd post a behind-the-scenes picture on his facebook. Since 2010, I’ve been a loyal The Weeknd fan. I listen to EVERYTHING he releases being I see him as an excellent songwriter & singer. French has been one of my hometown favorites for some years now, definitely when he linked with Harlem rapper Max B in 2008. #FreeMaxB. So when I got a glimpse of a collab between these two, I was anxious to find a way to come across it. “The Gifted” is your average Weeknd-sounding track; Very gloomy and drawn out, yet he captures your attention with his light voice & signature cry-like notes. French speaks on being happy to be in the position he is in. Overall the song is supposed to be a song celebrating both artists position, despite what it sounds like once the beat drops. I think they could’ve came up with a better song or left this for Abel’s “Kissland” album. It fits as more of a Weeknd track & not a French track. A great substance song, but not fit for “Excuse My French.”